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10 things to consider when booking a photo booth on long island

What's a wedding without a photo booth, right? But how do you go about finding the best one for your wedding? Here are some things to consider when searching for the ideal Photo Booth for you!

1. What does the booth look like?

Today, there are two main styles of photo booths, open air and enclosed. Enclosed booths are generally a bit smaller and have curtains so no one can see in. Open air booths have a single backdrop wall and allow more guests to be photographed at once. 

Slow Motion Entertainment

We use an open air booth at Slow Motion Entertainment. We use this set up because we want to make sure we capture all the action when you are jumping around in our booth. Plus it is always way more fun when you can pack 12 people into the booth at once!

2. What kind of equipment is used?

Things like photo quality, lighting & print speed are super important when choosing a booth. Are they using high quality DSLR cameras or basic web cameras attached to a computer? Is the lighting adequate enough to make sure the images are properly lit? Are you getting photo prints instantly or do you have to wait until the end of the night to collect your photo favor?

Slow Motion Entertainment

At Slow Motion Entertainment we use a top of the line DSLR camera which means your photos will always be crystal clear. We also use a video camera that shoots video at 240 frames per second to capture true slow motion video that you can view immediately after recording. Our printer only takes seconds to print pictures so there is no line to wait and collect your photo favors.

3. What kind of props are included?

Most companies will provide props but always ask what type they are offering and how many there will be. You want to make sure the props are high quality and there will be enough for all the guests that enter the booth.

Slow Motion Entertainment

All of our packages come with LOADS of high quality props. That means we have all different types of wigs & hats, glasses, leis & boas, masks and pompoms. If 12 people want an afro, we have enough. Depending on what package you get we will also bring bubble guns, inflatable props and confetti! You can also request specific props or order custom props like big head cutouts!

4. What kind of Photo favors will i get?

Many companies often offer photo prints with varying size prints of 2"x 6" all the way to 8"x 10". 

Slow Motion Entertainment

All of our  packages include high quality 4"x 6" photo prints that you collect immediately after exiting the booth. We also have a 40" TV screen which replays the slow motion video so your guests can view immediately after exiting the booth. 

5. What Happens after your event?

The event is over and you want to see all the content from the booth. Some companies will offer a way to give you access to all the photos taken from the night. This may be a cd loaded with all the images, USB drive or even an online gallery. Make sure to ask if you will have access to all of the images when the event is over!

Slow Motion Entertainment

When you book with us you will have access to an online gallery 48 hours after your event, where you can view and download all the photos & slow motion video clips at no extra charge! If your guest sign into our iPad kiosk they will also have access to the online gallery. Depending on which package you get, we will also create a custom music video with all the slow motion clips from your event like this: Sammie & Stephan's Wedding

6. How long will the booth be operating?

Most events are from 3-5 hours long so make sure you find out how long you will need the photo booth. Also find out if you are going to need more hours and if there are extra charges for going over time.

Slow Motion Entertainment

All of our packages include 4 hours of operation. We arrive 1 hour before the event start time to set up and make sure the booth is ready to go. We operate throughout the entire night except for speeches and special dances. If you would like us to stay longer or shorter that can be arranged too, just ask! 

7. Who will operate the booth?

There are two different scenarios when you rent a photo booth. One is when a company will drop off a photo booth, leave and then come back at the end to pick up the photo booth. This may not be the best option because if something goes wrong with the booth, who will be there to fix it? The other is when the company will set up the photo booth and stick around to maintain photo booth operation and may even interact with your guests.

Slow Motion Entertainment

When you book with us, we bring two staff members to your event. One person is there to operate the photo booth and make sure there are no technical issues. The other staff member is there to interact with your guests to make sure they get the most out of their experience in the Slow Motion Booth.

8. How far in advance do you need to book?

Most companies prefer you to book as soon as possible. Some companies have a couple photo booths to rent so they may be able to do multiple weddings on one day. To be safe, the sooner you book the better.

Slow Motion Entertainment

We are not a wedding factory that does multiple weddings per day. Once we book a date, the date is no longer available. We like to make sure that we can focus on your event and your event only. What happens if one event runs late and we can't make it to yours on time? That will not happen with us! Make sure to book us as early as possible so your date doesn't get taken. 

9. What is this going to cost?

Photo booth rentals can vary from about $499 all the way to $2000 per event! It all depends on what type of booth you get and what it comes with. Also check to make sure the if the price includes tax or travel.

Slow Motion Entertainment

When you book with us, not only are you getting a photo booth but you are also getting a slow motion booth. It is the hottest trend that everyone loves. You are also getting the ease of mind knowing that there are two staff members on hand to interact and maintain booth operation.

10. Do your homework!

Don't just settle for the cheapest option, you will more than likely regret it and all of those memories are lost to time. Every photo booth company offers something different but quality and guarantee of excellent service is not something that comes standard in the industry. Anybody can go out and buy a photo booth and plop it down at your event. Only a true professional will make sure they capture high quality content for you and your guests. Always remember, "you get what you pay for!"

Slow Motion Entertainment

We take pride in helping create unforgettable memories for our customers. We are the only company on Long Island that is offering a high quality Slow Motion Booth. The only other companies that use similar technology are based in NYC and their starting prices are $1700 (That doesn't even include photo prints!)

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